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about us


Ruian Qianchuan Auto Accessories Co.,LTD has established for 15 years,founded in 2002, Wenzhou ( Former Haodeer Auto Accessories CO.,LTD ). It once was one of the most powerful, biggest and comprehensive enterprise ,which has the largest market in auto accessories with design and sale in the southeast of China .

At present, our company takes up around 8000 square meters, with more than 200 employees., a leading production equipment more than 30 sets of industrial , the output reached 100 million in 2016. After more than ten years’ experience, the company has developed into one of the key enterprises of producing and selling auto accessories. Our main products include: Steering wheels,Shift lever knob and other racing accessories etc. Now ,80% of the products are exported to foreign market, the rest 20% are accepted as OEM items.